Thursday, July 30, 2015

She's A Vision

My littlest boy turned 3 last week. I'm officially slacking since he didn't even get his own birthday blog post, instead getting thrown in with last week's photo shoot. I thought it was hard watching the two older kids grow up and hit milestones, but it's definitely the most bittersweet with the youngest. You know you won't ever get another chance to watch your child take their first steps or say "mama". Even in the past few months, Ozzie has gone from baby-talking toddler to a full blown threenager, with an attitude to match. Someone told me once that how a child acts at three is how they will be as an adult. In that case, He seems to have gotten his Daddy's "take no prisoners" approach to life. As a 40 year old businessman, that works well. As a 3 year old little boy, I have no words lol. He is truly the sweetest little boy and tells me he loves me 100 times a day (I think it's really because he likes to start a "who loves who more" argument that can then go on for hours). He's big on kisses and hugs. And loves his brudder and sissy and his dog, Harry (Hee-wee), to death.

Now on to this week's theme: Vision.

I have two kids in glasses, so my mind immediately jumped there, but I couldn't come up with anything I liked, so back to the drawing board. Vision to me is having an idea and then putting it into effect. I do that quite often in photography and it's often hit or miss, but when it lands, it lands beautifully. So this week, I went with a "vision" of mine, if you will. I had wanted some summer-esque photos of one or more of the kids holding a mason jar and looking at a butterfly they'd caught. Well, Cole, my oldest, immediately took himself out of the game, with a nope nope nope. He'll suck it up and pose once in a while for me, but he prefers to be with me behind the camera. Ozzie was just bouncing off walls and wouldn't stay still for anything, so as always...the job falls to my lovely Paige. She would rather be somewhere else herself, but she is SO much easier to bribe than the other two! :)

The first photo was the project submission, but you know me and I never stop at just one....



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