Monday, April 27, 2015

Look Down From On High

Each week on Sunday we're given the new theme for that week for our 52 week photo project. A typical timeline for me is to get the theme on Sunday and start brainstorming. Monday and Tuesday are the planning phase (props, outfits, locations, etc) and then Wednesday I'll usually shoot. Thursday is editing and then it'll be ready to post on Thursday or Friday. Yesterday morning right before we got to church, I was playing on my phone and the new theme came in: Bird's Eye View. I am terrified of heights, so I starting thinking of ideas a little closer to the ground (I mean, birds sit on the ground, right?). I had an idea that would keep me fairly close to the ground and be a lot of fun, but I would need a certain type of lighting and weather. I looked at my iPhone weather app and the rest of the week looked shaky at best and I found myself wishing I could find a day just like was perfect outside...very cloudy and no rain. No time like the present! Made the kids go outside, dragged the ladder to the front yard, and the best day ever ensued! Not were cranky, bugs were out in full force, and the puppy briefly got away from my 9 year old. However, it went quickly and I'm pleased with the result....PLUS I now have an entire week to not worry about it. :) 

Bird's Eye View


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