Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Paige and I drove out somewhere between Kansas and Missouri (not sure what side of the state line it fell on) to a field of flowers. I had been checking the weather and it was supposed to be cloudy...rainy even. We loaded up on balloons and went out to take a beautiful, calm photo of a young girl in a field of flowers holding a bunch of red balloons. (yes, this song is in my head: 99 Red Balloons). We get out there and the sun is blaring and the wind is basically tornadic. We might have been in Kansas, so that makes sense. :) She could barely stand up and her hair was flying in her face...the sun was so bright she couldn't keep her eyes open and the balloons were popping at about a rate of one every 30 seconds. So I just started shooting and well....not too shabby. These would definitely fall into a more artsy category than my usual shoots. I submitted the first photo for my photo project this week, but I love the other two also. My girl is SUCH a trooper!! 



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