Monday, May 4, 2015

I had to pay up.

So I have to brag a little bit on my oldest son, Cole. Cole is the smartest kid you'll ever meet. The boy is destined to be an engineer or a programmer (or as he's decided at nine years old - a video game developer). However, athletics has never been his friend. Last year for his track and field day at school, he came in last place in everything. They have two different running distances: 50 meter and 100 meter and then a field event of their choice (softball throw, long jump, or sack race). So this year, I decided to offer a little incentive. :) I told him if he would get a first place, I'd buy him a big toy. Second place a small toy. Third place an ice cream. He went out and ran his little heart out and wouldn't you know it....I owe him an ice cream. Third place! Then he went out for the 100 meter and boom, another ice cream! Boy is on fire! By this time, everyone is bored and tired and I almost missed his sack race. He was already in position when I realized what was going on. I snapped one quick shot and then watched as he jumped in a sack....all the way to first place. Seriously y'all, I had to come off $40 over a stinking sack race. Still, I'm super proud of him. Here are a few pictures from that day. His dad even got to leave work for a few minutes to watch him in his first race. Some of these are camera pics and some are iphone pics.

(Cole is in the white shirt with blue sleeves).
Paige and Daddy cheering Cole!


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