Monday, May 25, 2015

(Not so) Peaceful

This past week's photo theme was 'Peaceful'. This was easily the toughest week I've had yet. My life is anything but peaceful. I googled antonyms of peaceful and got, "noisy, bustling, agitated". Yes! Now those define MY life! I was genuinely at a loss. Nothing felt right. Sometimes photography can be like that - no inspiration and no motivation.  I guess this week is a perfect example of just "phoning it in". I took two different photos and figured one would stand out to me, but neither did - so I just submitted both. I hate feeling defeated, but that's bound to happen at least once in a while. Next week's theme is 'Fragile' and I have yet to have a stroke of genius with that one either. Thankfully, it's only Monday and my son's last day of school is Tuesday - so we have the rest of the week to play around. 

The first picture is of my daughter and our pup, Harry. Paige is very frantic when her dad or I leave the house. She always has to make sure she gives us "hugs and kisses!", and she likes us to wave goodbye as we drive away down the driveway. If either of those things doesn't happen, she becomes inconsolable. She finds peace in those simple little gestures.

The second photo is pretty obvious. Peaceful kid in a peaceful garden playing peacefully. :)



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