Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Moon

Every so often I see something that I just HAVE to have. Probably how my husband feels about boats and 4-wheelers. I found a fun moon overlay this past week and after a loooooong search for a 4 foot wooden step-ladder (my mom and I hit about every antique store between Carthage and Joplin this weekend), we were in business. I think I wanted these pictures because I'm feeling a little wistful at the moment, with Paige's preschool graduation tomorrow and the end of another school year. Cole only has one more year before he's in middle school. 
When Cole was about 3 years old (maybe just a bit older than Ozzie is right now), I remember we were living in Arkansas and it was the middle of winter. We had just gotten out of the car and I was trying to hurry him in the house...he was just standing in the driveway, staring up at the sky. I think I was a bit annoyed and kept trying to just get him to move, when all of a sudden, he reached up and grabbed at the sky. With his little fist closed, he handed something to me...."I got you a star, mommy". Yes, I lost it. He probably did that every time we were outside at dark for a year or so and it melted my heart every time. Paige even started doing it when she got old enough. They would "grab" stars for me at night. Ozzie doesn't grab stars, but he always has to point out the moon. Even when it's still daylight out. I realize these are super cheesy, but they have sentimental meaning to me. 


Royal Harrison Photography
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